Chute PTA needs volunteers for 2018-2019 school year!

A message from current Chute PTA Co-Presidents Kelliann and Rebekeh:

Hello all!
We are having our final PTA meeting to vote in the new executive board.  It will be May 3, 2018 at 7pm in Chute’s library.  A number of people have been nominated (see below) for positions and more are welcome.  If you would like to volunteer or nominate someone, please e-mail me ( ASAP to be added to the ballot.  The final vote (open to current Chute PTA members) will be held at the May 3rd meeting.  We are also hoping more people will attend the meeting to add their names to the many committees we need help with at Chute.  Some people are continuing in their current roles and that too is noted.  I’ve included descriptions of the committees we need volunteers for below.  Please feel free to reach out to Rebekeh or I with questions.

President or co-presidents: Nominees: Sara Carlson and Stacey Porter
Secretary/Communications : Nominee: Allie Drew (already filling communication position)
Treasurer:  Nominee: Aaron Van Nice
Membership: Junette Moseley (continuing in position)
Fundraising: need
Spiritwear: Christina O’Connor (continuing in position but needs committee members)
Hospitality: need
Miscellaneous: need
AOTT: Miriam Diversiev (continuing in position but needs committee members)
PBIS committee member: need
Equity Committee: Nominee: Alicia Aiken

Events during the school year
📍Donuts and coffee- first day of school
📍Back to school picnic
📍PTA teacher conference dinner October and February
📍AOTT fundraiser – April
📍Teacher Appreciation- May
📍6th grade orientation
📍8th grade graduation

Explanations of needs:

Fundraising: We have used the Direct Appeal approach the last few years snd have not used any sales type fund raisers.  We need someone to really talk up the appeal and get families to donate whatever they can.  We have a large number of free and reduced lunch families at Chute but every little bit helps.  No amount is too small.  This position mainly consists of talking up the appeal repeatedly and loudly, both in person and online (email and Facebook).  We have done a raffle the last few years (not this year) as well.  This position would also run that if it is reinstated. The students sell tickets and earn raffle prizes for most sold and in random drawings.  Grand prize was either an Apple watch or Visa gift card when we last did it.

Spiritwear: Christina has done fantastic with this position this year, she’s single-handedly bought new swag and sold it! She needs some help, mostly in the sales department.  This is showing up at Chute events and selling swag to people.  It’s easy, there is a price chart and we have a credit card swiper. She will happily train anyone interested in learning the ropes.  A few extras would be great!

Hospitality: This is the feed the masses job.  You would have a committee of people who would purchase/order food for events such as 6th grade orientation, 8th grade graduation, back to school picnic, teacher dinners for conferences, first day coffee.  We try to get donations when we can (i.e. Starbucks will often donate coffee) and we have a great relationship with Gigio’s and a caterer who’s wife works in district (we will provide all contact info). All events have a budget as well.

Miscellaneous: This is the fill in as needed job.  People on this committee are called randomly to fill in if someone on another committee has a conflict or there aren’t enough people to cover an event.  It is usually a one time job and not a long term thing.

AOTT: Miriam ran this event with just a few friends to help her this year.  This job is enormous!  I have done it as well and it takes a team, truly.  She is looking for a bunch of people to help her in a variety of ways.  There are both longer term and short term needs within this committee so whatever you’re able to do she can use you!! This event single handedly keeps our students working with an actual artist outside of electives so we need to load this one up (0:

PBIS Committee: Attend the PBIS meetings at Chute and report back on current status and events.  Help out as available and needed at Chute PBIS events.

Equity Committee: Attend D65 Equity committee meetings and report back to PTA on current status.

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PTA Meeting: Wednesday April 18, @ 7pm


PTA Officer Elections and prepping for a busy spring.  We hope you will join us!

Click HERE For location and agenda information


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2017-2018 Walker Yearbooks!

Walker Yearbook Flyer 2018

Yearbook Flyer / Info

How to order your yearbook

How to Order Your Yearbook

How to Create Personal Pages for Yearbook

How to Create Personal Pages for your yearbook

Here are the PDF versions of the above ordering instructions:

Yearbook Flyer & Info

How to Purchase Your Yearbook

How to Create Personal Pages for your yearbook

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Save the Date – Moms & Muffins is the morning of Friday April 27!


Start your day with your favorite Walker students and a sweet morning treat.  Mark your calendars and plan to drop by Walker the morning of April 27 before school starts for a little celebration of the special women in our lives.

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School Calendar Updates from D65

School Calendar Updates

Dear District 65 Families,

I would like to take this opportunity to share a couple of updates as it relates to the current school calendar and the calendar for the 2018-2019 school year.

2017-2018 School Calendar

As a result of the winter storm on February 9, 2018, we closed District 65 schools and centers as a safety measure. In the past, the District has used Emergency Days in the event of an unscheduled school closing. This year, the last day of school for all K-8 students will remain as scheduled on Monday, June 4, 2018. On Tuesday, June 5, 2018, staff will participate in a full-day School Improvement Day to focus on school safety, crisis management, and school climate. This opportunity is made possible through the district’s calendar waiver approved by the Illinois State Board of Education in 2016.

2018-2019 School Calendar

On Monday evening, the School Board also approved an amended calendar for the 2018-2019 school year. The first day of school for K-8 grade students remains as scheduled on Monday, August 27, 2018. Due to the addition of two professional learning dates for staff prior to students’ return to school, the last day of school is now Monday, June 3, 2019 (pending the use of Emergency Days). This calendar, in English and Spanish, is now available on the District 65 website.

I wish everyone a great spring break. Thank you.


Paul Goren
Superintendent of Schools

Paul D. Goren | Superintendent of Schools
p 847-859-8010

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Career Day @ Walker is coming on Monday April 9. Will you share your career with a class?

The Walker PTA is proud to organize College & Career Day annually at Walker! We invite parents & community members from all backgrounds and careers so we can share a diverse range of experiences with our students.

Sign up HERE to come speak to a class College & Career Day 2018 Parent Letter.jpg

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Walker PTA Executive Officer Elections are coming… Wednesday April 18.

It’s almost time to elect our next executive committee officers to lead our organization for the next two years! 

Below are the general descriptions of what each position entails.  Please email if you are interested in running for any of these positions.  As a reminder, to run for an executive board election, persons interested must have been a registered/paid member of Walker PTA for at least 30 days. If you haven’t joined yet you still have the opportunity to do so here:

Voting will take place at our April Meeting, and will be elected by PTA members in good standing and present at the meeting that evening. 


  • Schedule & preside at all PTA meetings, executive board meetings, and executive committee meetings;
  • be a member ex-officio of all committees except the nominating committee and, if authorized to sign checks, the audit committee
  • sign all legal documents, including contracts
  • meets regularly with principal as per their discretion
  • maintain correspondence with Walker staff as needed
  • appoint members to special committees as needed
  • be responsible for other duties as may be assigned to him or her by the PTA membership, the executive board, or the executive committee
  • delegate PTA work to other officers or chairmen as may be appropriate
  • coordinate the work of the officers and committees
  • completes the Illinois PTA President’s Course before election or within six (6) months of election
  • may search out and apply for grants


  • record the minutes of all meetings, the executive board meetings, and the executive committee meetings
  • keeps the online calendar updated
  • have a current copy of the bylaws; update as needed (at least every 2 years)
  • maintain a current membership list
  • conduct correspondence of the PTA, including preparing monthly PTA newsletters


  • receive all monies and keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures
  • deposit PTA monies
  • Sign checks and pay out funds in accordance with the budget as approved by the membership and authorized according to the procedures described in the Standing Rules
  • present a written financial statement at every meeting and at other times as requested by the executive board; making a full report at the annual meeting in September
  • be responsible for the remittance of the state and national portion of the dues paid by each member
  • provide the checkbook, all bank statements, canceled and voided checks, deposit slips, treasurer’s record book and receipt book, vouchers and invoices for all disbursements to the audit committee
  • be responsible for completion and filing of appropriate forms as may be required by Internal Revenue Service
  • be responsible for completion and filing of appropriate forms as may be required by Illinois Secretary of State
  • Complete an official Illinois PTA Financial workshop
  • Helps to oversee the bulk school supply order program


All Executive Committee Officers:

  • Confer to appoint the standing committee heads
  • Meet as needed to ensure flow of PTA activities
  • Confer to schedule PTA meeting speakers as needed
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March 14 Activities @ Walker


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Walker Lead Testing Update

February 21, 2018

Dear Walker Families,

As you know, testing was completed last November for lead contamination in water in all D65 elementary and magnet schools according to recent Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) regulations. Results were shared in early December.

Using mitigation strategies recommended by IDPH, including regular flushing and replacement of some pipes and fittings, water sources were re-tested by Stantec, an environmental testing firm, on January 13, 2018. Testing guidelines require that a water sample is tested after being out of use for at least eight hours (first draw) and that a second sample is tested after the water has run for at least 30 seconds (flush draw). While we were able to fix the problem at a number of sources, the re-testing confirms that one remains above the IDPH recommended level (5 parts per billion) on either draw.


  • Room 101 (Simmons), Classroom Sink, 14.5ppb (first draw) / 0.8ppb (flush draw)

Next Steps

The water source above the recommended level has signage posted that it is not to be used and this signage will remain in place. Our staff has been asked to monitor and students have been instructed to refrain from using this sink. Environmental experts recommend that the water source remain on; turning it off for an extended period of time will only cause further water quality issues. However, this sink will remain out-of-use until it meets IDPH guidelines. All drinking fountains and bottle fillers are within the recommended level and are safe for consumption.

Given that initial mitigation strategies did not work in all cases, we will develop a comprehensive plan that identifies a range of solutions to resolve outstanding issues by March 16, 2018.

District 65 will continue to work with IDPH, the City of Evanston Public Works Department, and the Evanston Health and Human Services Department to protect the environmental health and safety of our students and staff. Updates will be provided as available. Thank you for understanding.


Ginger Lumpkin, Principal

Paul Goren, Superintendent of Schools

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BOX TOPS – Class Competition – turn them in by Monday Feb 26th!


It’s Box Top time again!  The class that turns in the most will win a pizza party!

Students will be provided a sandwich bag and form to note their name & class.  Box tops can be turned in to the blue collection bin in the main office or returned to the teacher.

Spring BT Collection deadline: end of the school day on Monday February 26.

pizza partyIf the bag w/ form didn’t make it home, or you need another, you can download the form here: Box Tops form


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