Drop-Off & Pick-Up Safety

img_3242-e1537455324638.jpgFrom parents and caregivers to teachers and principals, keeping the Walker community safe is a top priority for everyone! Thank you to all of you who have been so incredibly supportive as Walker moves forward in creating a safer and more long-term pickup / drop-off system.

While no system is perfect, we need your help, support and input to have continued success in keeping everyone safe. Here is the outline of our drop off and pick up procedures:

Morning Drop Off  

  • All students will be let in the building at 8:50 a.m.
  • All are welcome to park and walk their student(s) to school! We love seeing parents and caregivers in the morning (and afternoon)!!!

Where to Drop Off

  • Drop Off Zone on Central Park between Church and Davis
  • West parking lot
  • Once the buses have left the circle, in front of school (around 8:52 a.m.)

Where to Park

  • PARKING SPACES in the west parking lot (please do not park on the curb)
  • Street parking on Arcadia and Davis

Drop Off During Inclement Weather

  • Inclement weather — raining, icy conditions or when the “feels like” temperature is below 20 degrees
  • All students will be let in the building at 8:50 a.m.
  • If you have older and younger students to drop off you can do so in the circle drive in front of the school, after the buses depart (around 8:52 a.m.)

Afternoon Pick Up

  • Pick up is at 3:35 p.m. (12:05 p.m. on half days)
  • *Students, 8 and under, must be picked up by an adult or per the school Student Destination Form, parents designate who is allowed to pick up their child, who the child will walk home with, including an older sibling

Where to Pick Up

  • Pick Up Zone on Central Park between Church and Davis
  • Pick Up Zone West Parking lot

*We are currently working with the school on finding an alternative method for bringing younger students to their adults in their cars so that they can idle single file in the pick-up zone on Central Park.

Where NOT to Park:

  • Central Park (between Church and Davis) in designated drop off / pick up zones
  • Anywhere there is an existing ‘No Parking’ sign
  • The curb in the west lot
  • The curb and/or parking spaces in the circle in front of the building
  • While you are able to idle SINGLE FILE in the drop off / pick up zones, please do not leave your vehicles unattended and be courteous to other parents who are trying to move through for drop off or pick up
    • NOTE ABOUT IDLING: The district “prohibits the idling of cars or buses for periods of time longer than necessary to pick-up and drop-off students.” While there is no official definition of what is “longer than necessary,” please try and keep it to under 5 minutes if possible for the sake of the environment!

Walker School Parking Map

General Information

  • Beware of the crosswalk that goes from Arcadia to the school. Please stop when someone is in the crosswalk. It is an Illinois state law!
  • The speed limit on Central Park is 20 MPH.
  • As Walker is situated in a residential area, please be courteous of residents.
  • If you see something, say something. Please report unsafe conditions to Mr. Gray.

If you have questions or recommendations, we are all ears!!! Please be sure to reach out to Mr. Gray and let him know your thoughts.