What does the PTA do?

The Walker PTA is committed to building a sense of community at Walker School, supporting equity work in both our school and the Evanston/Skokie community, and supporting our school, families, & staff. We carry this out by planning a number of events, at least one per month, that are all noted in our printed and online calendar. Some of these events are fundraisers and a number of them are free events. We never want cost to be a barrier for a student or family to participate in a Walker PTA event. Scholarships or sliding scale fees are always available and are managed as discreetly as possible. The PTA also supports the Walker Angel Fund each year. The Angel Fund is used for various student scholarships throughout the school year and is managed by the principal.

We have a number of exciting events planned for this year. Our Community Engagement Committee plans free family events including BINGO days, school dances and a MLK service project. Our Fundraising Committee handles our Spiritwear, arranges monthly restaurant nights and plans Walkerfest (our whole school family carnival).  We have PTA sponsored 4th & 5th grade Flag football and basketball teams. We also have an annual Adults Night Out fundraiser with its own committee. We have a Climate Action Team that is getting Walker on its way to being a better steward to our planet. Walker has a Garden Club that is just getting off the ground and making strides in making our garden beautiful. Walker PTA shows our appreciation for our teachers by organizing a Perfect Potluck for snack and beverages during conferences as well as honoring teachers during Teacher Appreciation week.  We have several DEI initiatives including our White Accountability Group, Black Students Achieve group for parents of black children, our One Book, One School activity and our heritage/history months that we celebrate. 

Walker also participates in the PTA Equity Project (PEP). PEP is a subcommittee of the PTA Council whose mission is to ensure students across the district have access to PTA resources through the PEP Fund. All PTAs in D65 contribute to the PEP Fund so everyone’s year-long fundraising benefits all D65 students. The PEP Fund equitably distributes PTA funds across the district so that students have access to PTA-led enrichments & community building opportunities, regardless of which school they attend. Walker strives to have at least 3 PEP reps each year to serve on the district-wide PEP committee. The PEP committee meets once a month for 2 hours. More information can be found on PEP’s website: https://ptaequityproject.com/

Our hope is to bring Walker families together to build relationships and connections. We hope you’ll join us at our events and we also hope you’ll consider becoming a member of our PTA. Here you can find a membership application. Parents, caregivers, and teachers are all eligible to become PTA members. You DO NOT need to be a PTA member to participate in any of our events, however, being a PTA member allows you to vote on issues during our meetings and allows you to help determine how we spend the money we raise each year. Past PTA funded projects include: adding blue picnic tables to the back of the school, a gaga pit, a climbing wall in the gym, and 2 Little Free Libraries. The cost of a PTA membership covers the per member fee we have to pay to the National PTA Organization. We do not want cost to be a barrier to any adult in our Walker community joining the PTA. If you would like to join us as a Walker PTA member and you are able to pay the full fee, that’s great! If you would like to join us as a Walker PTA member and you are able to pay less, including $0, that’s great too! We welcome the addition of all the parents, caregivers, and teachers in our Walker community.

We hope you’ll consider joining our membership roster and, regardless, we hope to see you at all of our upcoming PTA events!

Excited to share a wonderful year with the Walker community!

Allison Bull & Erin Sacluti (PTA Co-Presidents)

Darlena Simmons (PTA Secretary)

Natalie Gillespie (PTA Treasurer)

Please feel free to reach us at walkerptagroup@gmail.com

For reminders about our upcoming events join the Walker Elementary School PTA facebook page