Walker Supports Walker!

Two Letters from our Principal:

Walker Families

We realize many children depend on schools to eat breakfast and lunch each day.

Many parents have asked me how they can help. ‘Walker Supports Walker’ is an effort to support our children and families who may need support (food, toiletries, learning packets, etc) over the next month.

If your family needs support, please fill out this very brief form and we will be in touch soon:



Walker Families,

Your kids will:

A) Come home with a paper packet of activities for next week


B) Be shown how to access the documents online (upper grades)

We have a small supply of chrome books we can loan to families while schools are closed.

If you are interested in and need technology for your child, please contact Shawna Matten mattens@district65.net). Ms. Matten is coordinating this effort for Walker.


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