Chute PTA needs volunteers for 2018-2019 school year!

A message from current Chute PTA Co-Presidents Kelliann and Rebekeh:

Hello all!
We are having our final PTA meeting to vote in the new executive board.  It will be May 3, 2018 at 7pm in Chute’s library.  A number of people have been nominated (see below) for positions and more are welcome.  If you would like to volunteer or nominate someone, please e-mail me ( ASAP to be added to the ballot.  The final vote (open to current Chute PTA members) will be held at the May 3rd meeting.  We are also hoping more people will attend the meeting to add their names to the many committees we need help with at Chute.  Some people are continuing in their current roles and that too is noted.  I’ve included descriptions of the committees we need volunteers for below.  Please feel free to reach out to Rebekeh or I with questions.

President or co-presidents: Nominees: Sara Carlson and Stacey Porter
Secretary/Communications : Nominee: Allie Drew (already filling communication position)
Treasurer:  Nominee: Aaron Van Nice
Membership: Junette Moseley (continuing in position)
Fundraising: need
Spiritwear: Christina O’Connor (continuing in position but needs committee members)
Hospitality: need
Miscellaneous: need
AOTT: Miriam Diversiev (continuing in position but needs committee members)
PBIS committee member: need
Equity Committee: Nominee: Alicia Aiken

Events during the school year
📍Donuts and coffee- first day of school
📍Back to school picnic
📍PTA teacher conference dinner October and February
📍AOTT fundraiser – April
📍Teacher Appreciation- May
📍6th grade orientation
📍8th grade graduation

Explanations of needs:

Fundraising: We have used the Direct Appeal approach the last few years snd have not used any sales type fund raisers.  We need someone to really talk up the appeal and get families to donate whatever they can.  We have a large number of free and reduced lunch families at Chute but every little bit helps.  No amount is too small.  This position mainly consists of talking up the appeal repeatedly and loudly, both in person and online (email and Facebook).  We have done a raffle the last few years (not this year) as well.  This position would also run that if it is reinstated. The students sell tickets and earn raffle prizes for most sold and in random drawings.  Grand prize was either an Apple watch or Visa gift card when we last did it.

Spiritwear: Christina has done fantastic with this position this year, she’s single-handedly bought new swag and sold it! She needs some help, mostly in the sales department.  This is showing up at Chute events and selling swag to people.  It’s easy, there is a price chart and we have a credit card swiper. She will happily train anyone interested in learning the ropes.  A few extras would be great!

Hospitality: This is the feed the masses job.  You would have a committee of people who would purchase/order food for events such as 6th grade orientation, 8th grade graduation, back to school picnic, teacher dinners for conferences, first day coffee.  We try to get donations when we can (i.e. Starbucks will often donate coffee) and we have a great relationship with Gigio’s and a caterer who’s wife works in district (we will provide all contact info). All events have a budget as well.

Miscellaneous: This is the fill in as needed job.  People on this committee are called randomly to fill in if someone on another committee has a conflict or there aren’t enough people to cover an event.  It is usually a one time job and not a long term thing.

AOTT: Miriam ran this event with just a few friends to help her this year.  This job is enormous!  I have done it as well and it takes a team, truly.  She is looking for a bunch of people to help her in a variety of ways.  There are both longer term and short term needs within this committee so whatever you’re able to do she can use you!! This event single handedly keeps our students working with an actual artist outside of electives so we need to load this one up (0:

PBIS Committee: Attend the PBIS meetings at Chute and report back on current status and events.  Help out as available and needed at Chute PBIS events.

Equity Committee: Attend D65 Equity committee meetings and report back to PTA on current status.

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