Walker PTA Executive Officer Elections are coming… Wednesday April 18.

It’s almost time to elect our next executive committee officers to lead our organization for the next two years! 

Below are the general descriptions of what each position entails.  Please email walkerptagroup@gmail.com if you are interested in running for any of these positions.  As a reminder, to run for an executive board election, persons interested must have been a registered/paid member of Walker PTA for at least 30 days. If you haven’t joined yet you still have the opportunity to do so here: http://walkerpta.corecommerce.com/membership/

Voting will take place at our April Meeting, and will be elected by PTA members in good standing and present at the meeting that evening. 


  • Schedule & preside at all PTA meetings, executive board meetings, and executive committee meetings;
  • be a member ex-officio of all committees except the nominating committee and, if authorized to sign checks, the audit committee
  • sign all legal documents, including contracts
  • meets regularly with principal as per their discretion
  • maintain correspondence with Walker staff as needed
  • appoint members to special committees as needed
  • be responsible for other duties as may be assigned to him or her by the PTA membership, the executive board, or the executive committee
  • delegate PTA work to other officers or chairmen as may be appropriate
  • coordinate the work of the officers and committees
  • completes the Illinois PTA President’s Course before election or within six (6) months of election
  • may search out and apply for grants


  • record the minutes of all meetings, the executive board meetings, and the executive committee meetings
  • keeps the online calendar updated
  • have a current copy of the bylaws; update as needed (at least every 2 years)
  • maintain a current membership list
  • conduct correspondence of the PTA, including preparing monthly PTA newsletters


  • receive all monies and keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures
  • deposit PTA monies
  • Sign checks and pay out funds in accordance with the budget as approved by the membership and authorized according to the procedures described in the Standing Rules
  • present a written financial statement at every meeting and at other times as requested by the executive board; making a full report at the annual meeting in September
  • be responsible for the remittance of the state and national portion of the dues paid by each member
  • provide the checkbook, all bank statements, canceled and voided checks, deposit slips, treasurer’s record book and receipt book, vouchers and invoices for all disbursements to the audit committee
  • be responsible for completion and filing of appropriate forms as may be required by Internal Revenue Service
  • be responsible for completion and filing of appropriate forms as may be required by Illinois Secretary of State
  • Complete an official Illinois PTA Financial workshop
  • Helps to oversee the bulk school supply order program


All Executive Committee Officers:

  • Confer to appoint the standing committee heads
  • Meet as needed to ensure flow of PTA activities
  • Confer to schedule PTA meeting speakers as needed
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