Walker Book Cart

The Book cart has opened and Andrew (Andy) Gallimore is running it this year!

Andy is looking for volunteers to help out once a month or whenever you are able. The hours of operation is between 11am-1pm, and the hope is to have the cart open twice a week.

It is super easy to be the book cart seller so don’t be bashful, Natalie DuBois says!

For those who are not familiar with the beloved Walker Book Cart, here is Natalie’s explanation…

“It is a simple portable shelving unit that houses donated books, fun pencils and erasers for sale. Books are usually $0.50 or less and pencils and erasers are $0.10 apiece. Walker parents volunteer to run the cart and ask Walker Families to donate no longer used books from their home.

Walker students get to shop at the book cart during lunch and recess time.

All Walker students get a free book on their birthday.

Having volunteered for the past 7 years, I can tell you that students absolutely love to shop at the book cart.

Also, you can establish an “account” at the book store simply by sending some change with your child to school. The parent volunteer will keep a tally for your child with the amount of money you sent and how much they spend. I find it a really fun way to do math with kids!”

If you want to volunteer please contact Andy Gallimore by email at andrewgallimore@yahoo.com.

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