Congratulations Walker Chess Team & Walker Basketball Teams!

Congratulations to all 7 players of the Walker Chess Team who played in the Evanston Scholastic Chess Tournament this past Saturday at King Arts. 

  • The team was represented by Emin Bilgic in Kindergarten, Adrian Horopciuc in 2nd grade, Ari Gassel, Emma Alexander, Kuba Sheaff, Norman Yao, and Yusuf Bilgic in 5th grade.
  • In the “Knights” Division, Adrian Horopciuc (2nd Grade, Ms. Simpson) won Second Place, with 4 out of 5 points.
  • In the “Rooks” Division, Emin Bilgic (Kindergarten, Ms. Wittenberg) won First Place with a perfect score of four out of four. Emin’s all opponents were middle schoolers, including an 8th grader, and Emin won all his games.
  • In the “Queens/Kings” Division, Yusuf Bilgic, (5th grade, Ms. Oldfield), won Third Place. All four of his opponents were 8th graders and Yusuf defeated two of them, winning the Third place.

Congratulations to the Walker 5th grade basketball teams and 4th grade boys basketball team for making it to the playoffs!

Go Wolverines!

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