Potluck for Teachers During October Conferences

Let’s show our teachers & staff some love all week during October conferences by stocking the Staff Lounge with snacks and beverages! The plan is to have lots of food choices for them to grab for breakfast, lunch or after school while they are in-between conferences.

Click here for the sign-up. Perfect Potluck login info: Admin Last Name: Sacluti, Password: Walker

Please make sure all food is store-bought & individually wrapped/packaged. No one will be eating in the lounge so everything needs to be grab & go so teachers can eat in their classrooms. Please be mindful that many of our classrooms are also nut-free.

All food & beverages will be spread out between Monday (after school), Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of that week, so please specify in the comments which day you will be dropping off. You can drop off at Erin Sacluti’s house (8827 Ewing Ave) any time between now & Monday 10/17 or you can drop off at the school office, please just send Erin a text (773-848-2323) to let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help! Please reach out with any issues or questions.

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