Math Curriculum Material Pickup: Friday 9/4 & Monday 9/8 9am-3pm

From Mr. Gray:

The district is implementing a new math curriculum this year. Unfortunately, the materials (student workbooks and teacher’s guides) did not arrive until after the first day of school. So….

We would like to schedule another ‘pickup’ this Friday and the following Tuesday.

– The pickup will take place IN FRONT of the school in the circular driveway area between 9 and 3 each day.
– It should be fast — you pull up, tell us the grade(s) of your kids and we pass the books to you in the car and check your name off the list.
– You can come either day – doesn’t matter what letter your last name starts with!
– If you can’t make it those days, contact me and I will arrange an alternative time.
– If you do not have transportation, please let me know and I will arrange to have the books delivered to you.
– We should have enough staff to operate the pickup, but if you are interested in helping please let me know.

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