Principal Email: 4 Days Until Spring Break!

Walker Families,   3/30/2020

I have been searching for the right message to send the community and I landed on this — I hope each of you and all of the members of your family are healthy.

A friend of mine in New York City had/has the virus (although undiagnosed due to the situation there) and he said it was a rough seven days for him.

I have been worried about Covid-19 for a while now, but having a friend ‘get it’, personalized it in a big way for me. (He is feeling better now)

My wife is doing a great job working with my two oldest kids, while the younger two climb on top of me while I try to respond to email.

If you are struggling with the reality of the last two weeks, and foreseeable future, in the words of BIll Clinton, “I feel your pain’.


— There is no school this Friday — it is a professional development day for teachers. Virtual professional development of course.

— If the work being sent home is ‘too much’, make the best choices for your family. Seriously.

— I will schedule weekly virtual ‘coffee (or wine) with the principal’ after Spring Break. It will be a chance for you to ask questions and see how fast my hair is growing. I’m hoping for a poor turnout.

— I appreciate YOUR collaboration with Walker teachers to do something we never thought we would have to do.

If you have questions, please ask.


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