Teachers Return!

Sarah Schoonyoung, John Hernandez and I had a chance to see our the teachers and staff return to our beloved Walker school. We also had the opportunity to meet Edie Hertel, our new librarian, Soledad Rios, our new EL teacher, and Jillian Gomez, our new part time PE teacher in the afternoon.

It is because of all of you, Walker PTA members, that we were able to provide some nourishment for the whole staff as they make preparations for the new school year. We want you to know that the Walker School Staff were all very grateful for your contributions!

We had so much fun that we are excited to experience many more events this coming school year with all of you!

Starbucks Coffee on Main generously donated two coolers of coffee (one hot and one cold) along with cream, various sugar packets, stir sticks, and lids. Please frequent that particular location and let them know you are from Walker School!

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