PTA Committees

We have 5 committees, which operate as working groups (most times this will be collaborative correspondence via email, although occasionally some groups or sub-groups may decide to meet in person).  The 5 committees are as follows:

EngagementTo build and strengthen the relationships within our Walker Community: between families, students, teachers and staff

Education: To coordinate additional learning opportunities for our kids both in and outside the classroom

STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math): To increase children’s exposure to and continue to develop their interests in STEM learning activities outside the classroom

Fundraising: To coordinate activities that help raise funds to continue providing exceptional experiences for our Walker students and fund school project needs

School & Community Partnerships: To build and strengthen Walker’s outside community relationships by partnering or participating in activities with local organizations, local businesses, District 65, etc.

Committee Responsibilities:

Each committee works together to provide recommendations on activities the PTA can do that align with their committee goals, and will help to plan and execute them. Members of each committee will determine who takes on what items. Committees will provide a 3-4 sentence written report with ideas, progress updates & needs a week prior to each monthly general PTA meeting.  Reports will be included in the meeting minutes.